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Actresses caught in Sex Scandals | Actresses Prostitution

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Th following are the TV actresses, Tollywood and Kollywood Heroines (veteran) who are caught red handed in varous sex scandals and are released later because of Political pressure .( Either an Mp , MLA or MLC call the police and ask them to release)


Scandals involving the actresses are not uncommon in film industry. Time again there are report that some actresses run some kind of brothel and get involved in illicit sex trade. In the past police has made arrests like Reshma. Now a fresh sex scandal has shocked millions involving the actress Bhuvaneswari. She was reportedly running a brothel and caught red handed entertaining her customers. This is not the first time this actress has been caught. Some years ago she was caught on same charges but it is said that due to political pressure she was given clean chit and was released.

What is more shocking this time is that the hot aunty has divulged alist of some actresses who are also involved in prostitution. And mind you this list does not includes only the small time b grade actresses. But this list also contains the name of some of the leading ladies of Kollywood and Tollywood industry involving some top actors and politicians too. According to list these actresses charge obscene amount of money for their services ranging from 2 lakhs to 7 lakhs per hour. Since the list involves top league heroines the list has not been publicized but there are reports that some local dailies have published the names of actresses along with thier photographs.

She has revealed that she will pen down her autobiography which will reveal all the high profile names of her customers. It is mellowed that Bhuvaneshwari has a support of MP from coastal Andhra districts and a political parity leader from Delhi who were her regular clientele a few years ago. With their back up the lady used to lure young girls into flesh trade and used to involve in some flesh trade activities for a price ranging from Rs 1lac to 2 Lacs.  

Meanwhile, some of the aspiring artists in cinema and television industry are worried of getting exposed into media with Bhuvaneshwari’s flesh trade involvement. It is reported that many female artist used to serve some industry people with all kinds of bodily pleasures in order to obtain some roles and so contacted Bhuvaneshwari in order to stay out of media. It is reported that Bhuvaneshwari has promise them that she will not reveal the names of those who were involved in flesh trade, but will disclose the names o her high profile customers who encouraged her in this business. The Chennai police are keeping a track of all the people who have met or contacted Bhuvaneshwari from the past 4 days. Tamil actor Vijay Kumar who played the lead role along with Chiranjeevi in the movie “Sneham Kosam” was the first one to react. A Chennai daily reported that Vijay Kumar was the man whom encouraged Bhuvaneshwari in flesh trade in Chennai.  

Kollywood and  Toollywood Heroines

Tamil guru Swami Nityananda, latest X- Scandal has created waves in the south Indian cinema industry. It is now reported that, some Telugu actresses are getting jitters with the recent developments from the X-Scandal probe by the special police force team.

It has been reported that actresses like Raasi, yester years Radha, Ambika and actress Vanisri are said to be connected with the Swami Nityananda X-Rated scandal. Well, there is no evidence against, actress Raasi and Vanisri and this is just a rumor, revealing in Telugu cinema industry.

Actress Ambika and actress Radha are said to be legal in-charge to Tamilnadu swami Nityananda Ashram. There is news that these actresses introduce new female disciples, to Swami, who are mostly orphans, run away girls from family & Marriage and some Mumbai models.

The special task force is busy on this probe and very soon Actress Ambika, Radha will undergo interrogation. Senior Actress Vansiri has already disclosed to the media yesterday, that she has no connection with this issue in any way.

Meanwhile, Swami Nityananda is said to be hiding in north India and his lawyer is busy gathering the proof, which clears Nityananda clean and clear in this issue. Actress Ranjita, who is isolated from the media by her family members, has been proved with evidence, that she is involved in a flesh trade scandal, in association with Nityananda.

Actress Yamuna

The actress used to never meet any of her client’s for the second time. She used to meet all her clients once in her lifetime.

The idea behind the whole business was hat, Yamuna wanted to shield hers elf with the word ‘Consensual s-e-x’ if in case, she was caught. The Bangalore police busted a flesh trade from ITC Royal Gardenia hotel in Bangalore.

Actress Yamuna, who is famous in sandalwood and tollywood, was caught red handedly, while conducting the flesh trade business and also involving in it. Few other small time actress from south India and Mumbai were also caught in the high profile prostitution racket. However, sources report that yamuna used to charge her clients a one time rate of Rs 75,000 which includes a 5 hours bed session, with unlimited jerk options. Anyhow, there was a different rate for the high profile girls.

Actress yamuna is said to be backed by a well known politician and used to pay around Rs 2,500 per day to the girls involved in the flesh trade.

Saira Bhanu

Task Force sleuths caught red-handed Telugu film actresses Saira Bhanu and Jyoti, along with 7 other women, on charges of prostitution.

According to highly-placed sources, the arrests took place after an early morning raid at an apartment, in the posh Kundan Bagh locality.

Sources claim that the actresses Saira Bhanu and Jyoti, along with the 7 other women, apart from some customers, were present inside the apartment, at the time of the raid.

Saira Bhanu has played the lead role in a few Telugu films, while Jyoti has been seen in supporting roles. One of the women is believed to be from Uzbekistan.

Though the police are tightlipped about the identities of the other women and the customers, sources hint at the involvement of some film stars, politicians, and family members of some VIPs, in the racket.

The sex racket has come as yet another shock for the Telugu film industry, which was rocked by a drug scandal on Friday, when police arrested 2 brothers of popular actor Ravi Teja while they were buying drugs from a Nigerian national.

This is not the first time that a Telugu film actress has been arrested in connection with a sex racket. In 2009, a popular actress Seema was arrested during a police raid in Hyderabad's Tarnaka area.

Some of the films Saira Bhanu has acted in are 'Aarojay', '100 Crores' 'Tic, Tic, Tic' and 'Inkosari.'

According to sources, the arrested persons were handed over to Punjagutta police by the Task Force sleuths.

All the arrested accused have been granted bail by a court.

The police has been keeping a close watch on the activities of film personalities, in the wake of the recently-exposed drug racket.


The latest sex scandal comes from Telugu Film industry (Tollywood). A posh locality in Hyderabd witnessed a red-handed arrest of two Telugu actresses on August 23, 2010 Monday. Police arrested two Telugu actresses namely Saira Banu and Jyothi under prostitution case.

The arrest happened in Kundan Bagh locality, a residence of many big shots and political leaders. Both the actress Saira Banu and Jyothi was caught red handed with their customers accompanied by a woman from Uzbekistan. The investigation process is going on and police haven't released anybody's identity yet. This incident has followed the arrest of another Telugu actress which was made in the year 2009.


The actor Supreme, who acted as heroine in few Telugu films, and played character roles in several Telugu films and she is also a popular TV artist, acted in several popular series, has joined as a sex broker.

Popular News Channel TV9 recently conducted a sting operation on this actress after TV9 received many complaints about her sexual harassment girls.A young lady journalist has approached this TV artist for a role in the movies and Kinnera was seen telling the & outs of Tollywood and grab roles in their own style by convincing producers and directors.

She also said if you want to be an actor then you would be “ready for anything” and you should be sleeping with directors and producers to get chance in movies and TV series. She also said how to maintain the structure and the costumes.

Later Kinnera asked this giSo later TV9 completed debate on this casting couch culture in the film industry and the senior film critic Sharath Kumar said that this is common in the film industry.rl to come to a house that has a tendency to be a guest house Union minister and some film personalities also there to enjoy with the girl, but all the sudden Kinnera found hidden cameras girl’s purse and understood they are from TV9, escaped all there.


Telugu serials ‘Himabindu’ and ‘Laya’ actress Sravani caught red handed in hi-tech sex rocket busted in Madhapur today. After getting a lead, special operation task force raided apartment number 203 of fortune towers in Madhapur and caught Sravani and Jayaraj Steel Co owner Sanjan Kumar Goenka red handed.

Task force confiscated about Rs 2 Lakhs from them. It is said that Goenka paid Rs 1 lakh to her as part of the deal. However, task force is searching for pimp Madan who is absconding.

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